California cities are infamous for tight traffic, long travel times during rush hour (15-30 minutes to travel a mile? that's nothing), and the occasionally torturous terrain.

However, living in cities like El Cerrito and Oakland also means that you're never too far away from some seriously beautiful California sights. That means that you need a car that's great for commuting and can perform efficiently, but that will also help you get out of town when you're feeling the pull of mountains, oceans, and woodland.

Here are a few of our favorite Honda cars for city driving:


Honda Civic and Honda Accord

These two legendary sedans are top choices just about anywhere, not just in cities. But if you're looking for a great daily commuter, you've found it either in the compact Honda Civic (sedan, coupe, or hatchback), or the luxurious and recently-redesigned Honda Accord midsize sedan. Choose the Honda Accord Hybrid to make your gas money go further.


Honda HR-V

If you need something a bit more capable than a sedan or hatchback, the Honda HR-V offers a ton of cargo space (up to 58.8 cubic feet!) but is still small enough to Dodge around in traffic and park in small spots. Its Magic Seat offers more functionality for moving equipment and gear, but can seat five with ease.


Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid

Here's something that can maximize your fuel budget. The Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid and Honda Clarity Touring boast an agile 1.5-liter four-cylinder hybrid system, and can easily plug in to different charging options at home to boost the battery. It runs on gas and electricity, which makes it an incredibly versatile option for city drivers looking for more.


Which new Honda will be best for your city lifestyle?

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