Dads, this one is for you.

Whether you're a seasoned father in El Cerrito, or you're looking forward to your first bundle of joy, having the right car is important for dads in California who aren't ready to give up their personal style, taste, and sense of adventure. Fortunately, having a kid is no longer a one-way ticket to a minivan.

There are a lot of safe, reliable, fun, and good-looking options out there that are perfect for new or small families like yours--options like the new 2018 Honda Civic lineup, which The Drive reviewer Benjamin Preston seemed to like a lot.


Sedan or Hatch? Depends on Your Dad Style

Both the 2018 Honda Civic sedan and hatchback offer a lot of great benefits: the four-door is sleeker and looks clean, while the five-door hatch makes it a lot easier to carry gear, snacks, diaper bags, and backups of everything.

No matter what you choose, though, Preston offers up this gem of genuine dad wisdom in his review:

"At the end of the day, the Honda Civic still offers the sort of economy, utility and reliability that drew my parents and grandparents to earlier versions of it again and again over the years. If anything has changed, it's only details that have made it a better car."

You can read the whole New Dad Review for the 2018 Honda Civic here, and see more of Preston's reviews of the best, or worst, cars for new fathers.

Or, visit Honda of El Cerrito to test-drive a new Honda Civic, and see if it's the right fit for your family.


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