Seeing What Makes the 2021 Honda Pilot Worth Waiting For

If you have been waiting for a model that can be equipped with advanced features you and your family could need, you don't need to wait much longer. The 2021 Honda Pilot will be coming out later this year and offers a lot that you can enjoy for the time that you will spend inside. With many innovative and advanced features that you can choose from, we are certain that you will see the benefits of the upcoming 2021 Honda Pilot. Feel free to reach out to our team with any questions that you have.

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Interior Features & Design

The inside of the upcoming 2021 Honda Pilot has all the space that you and your passengers could need for the time that you are inside. With up to 109 cubic feet of cargo space and a Hands-Free Power Tailgate to help get all the gear inside, you will be able to bring all the essentials along with you. The seats will also be able to fold down to help you prioritize everything you might need.

With different upholstery options to choose from and many different comfort options, the cabin can suit all the needs of every drive. You can be equipped for any adventure, no matter how long it will be, when you see everything that this model can be equipped with.

2021 Honda Pilot Front Seat

2021 Honda Pilot Exterior

Exterior Features & Design

If you have been looking for a large model with a bold design, the upcoming 2021 Honda Pilot is an option that you will love. The sharp angles and bold, aggressive body features help it stand out from every model that is in its class. No matter if you are going to adventure far from the city or if you spend your time in the metropolitan area, this is a model that will impress those around you.

With an anticipated design that will be sharp and exciting, the upcoming 2021 Honda Pilot is making some changes that we are sure you will love. The front fascia adds more chrome to its three-slat grille, and you'll have many available features to choose from, making each uniquely suited for your needs.

Performance Options

Drivers have become accustomed to powerful engines in SUVs, and the upcoming 2021 Honda Pilot is no exception. The powertrain makes sure you will be able to enjoy every minute that you are inside, being able to propel you forward even while it is fully loaded. You will also be able to tow enough to bring along some of the most exciting things you could want.

You will also be able to change the standard front-wheel drive system for the available Intelligent Variable Torque Management™ (i-VTM4®) AWD System. This AWD system monitors road conditions so that you will be able to stay confident during every drive, even if that brings you through rain, snow, or loose terrain.

Technology & Safety

If you have been looking forward to the 2021 Honda Pilot like our team has, you will be happy to hear that this upcoming model comes equipped with the most advanced driver assistance features through the Honda Sensing® system. This system is equipped on every trim of the 2021 Honda Pilot, giving you Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keeping Assist, and Adaptive Cruise Control.

There are many advanced features that come inside as well. These features make sure you can control apps, media, and comfort options to help you have everything you could need for your time inside. The intuitive interface makes sure to reduce the distractions that can come from changing your settings.